Part-Time Job Spotlight: Property Restoration

Part Time Jobs

Property restoration services are consistently high in demand for both residential and commercial structures. Property owners rely on the expertise of companies that offer various repair and restoration services to protect their property and minimize or control damages following a disaster. There are many jobs that require the expertise of property repair and restoration companies. Some of which are water damage, flood removal, burst pipes, sewage maintenance, and fire and smoke damages among many others. Due to consistently high demand for such skills and expertise, a lot of companies are regularly in need of part-time workers. Part-time positions are always available to cover all job orders and requests. 

Basic Qualifications

If you have experience and skills in the field of construction, water service installations, maintenance of water systems, and operation of water utilities, you already have a competitive edge in applying for a part-time position. Some companies will most likely prefer applicants with commercial driver’s licenses, vocational certificates, licenses to work in the field, and other related certifications. Other job positions which are not related to water damage, but are equally just as important in property repair and restoration are; painters, carpenters, electricians, safety operators, and various technicians. 

Job Relevance

Having a part-time job in the industry of property repair and restoration is not just financially rewarding. It is likewise a challenging field. Saving numerous residential and commercial properties from extreme damages and bringing them back to their normal state is highly fulfilling and noble. It is a field that will allow you to continuously learn how to generate and acquire new techniques. Aside from earning extra income from a part-time position, it is also the best way to enhance your skills which are beneficial not just to property owners but for you as well. 

Miami is one of the major cities wherein property repair and restoration services are constantly in demand. This could be attributed to its booming real estate market, increasing number of investors, and extreme weather conditions that cause calamity-related damages to most properties. Storms and heavy downpours also cause sudden floods and Miami is quite susceptible to both.

Rate and Benefits

Part-time positions in the field of water damage restoration offer a reasonable package. The hourly rate is between $14 and $25. Factors that affect hourly rate are; previous experience, license, certification, and scope of job responsibility. Depending on the company, permanent part-time employees that complete 10 to 30 (or more) working hours every week are entitled to benefits which are in proportion to the number of hours completed per week. 

Some companies may even offer paid leaves, training opportunities, and basic life insurance to permanent part-timers. Other part-time job options include; limited-term appointments, temporary positions, and seasonal/occasional appointments. All of which can give you extra income to help you save enough for your future needs. 

What to Expect

Working in the field of property restoration requires physical fitness and willingness to work outdoors under all types of weather conditions. Some jobs may require you to work in areas near moving traffic depending on work assignment. In general, expect a work environment that will expose you to dust, draft, noise, dirt and grease with long periods of standing up, walking around, bending and stooping, lifting heavy objects and devices, and operating some equipment. Jobs that require physical strength and technical expertise usually pay more. 

Part-time jobs offer a great way to generate additional income that can help you manage your expenses well. Property restoration and water damage repair are just some of the best options you can consider if your objective is to earn more bucks within just a few hours each week. Still, you are free to explore other options depending on your qualifications, skills and eligibility.