Is it Cool to be Frugal? 10 Frugal Practices You’ve Always Done That Are Now “In” Again

by RC on June 4, 2008

With talk of high gas and food prices more common than who won this season’s American Idol, being frugal is “in” again as everyone wants tips on saving money, spending less, and coping with inflation. Since you’ve had lots of practice at it and suddenly being frugal is cool again, you may get asked for advice by all of those trying to jump on the frugality bandwagon. Here are the top ten frugal techniques that frugal hackers have been practicing for years that are suddenly the “in” thing for your spendthrift friends.

Cutting coupons- Coupon clipping has gained a recent surge in popularity, with everyone trying to combat high food prices. You are a seasoned pro and save hundreds every month.

Free stuff from drugstores- The drugstore game is all the rage, but you’ve already got a supply of toothpaste, soap, and shampoo that will last you till the end of times.

Vintage clothing from thrift stores- This one is always popular among the “retro” crowd, but spending $4 on a skirt or $3 on a pair of jeans instead of a faded pair with holes from Abercrombie for $40 makes you look like a genius.

Beating high gas prices- Everyone wants to know how to beat high gas prices; you’ve been taking alternative transportation, walking places, and already know where to find the cheapest gas prices.

Cheap creative meals- You’ve got cheap eating down to a science, how else would you know how to make a taco with chickpeas?

Getting Free Samples- You’ve got enough free razors that you haven’t bought one in years, and stopping by Sam’s Club on Saturday for “lunch” is part of your weekend routine.

Saving on Energy Costs- CFL light bulbs have been in your house for years now, you’ve already got your eye on LED’s as well.

Growing Your Own Food- You know how to grow your own vegetables and herbs even if you don’t have the space.

Making Extra Money- You’re not worried about getting laid off, as you’ve been making extra money outside of your regular job for years and know dozens of ways to earn extra income.

Driving an old beater- Your car may be older than your teenage children, but at least you’re not trying to sell or trade in your SUV for something with better fuel efficiency.

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Grey June 4, 2008 at 9:29 am

What a creative post, I love the list! And thank you kindly for the link.


PT June 4, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Frugal is cool again?!? Sweet. Thanks!


Pete December 6, 2008 at 3:26 pm

Thanks for the link.. its good to know that frugal is once again cool! (i’m not so sure though.. ;) )


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