30 Ways To Stretch and Maximize Your Dollar

March 26, 2008

If you’re new to “Think Your Way To Wealth”, get free updates on debt reduction, saving money, and building wealth by subscribing to the RSS feed or via Email . Thanks for visiting! At Home Insulate your hot water heater, & keep it on the lowest temperature you can get by with.  Also, if you [...]

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No Credit Needed or Rewards Cards?-Determine Your Personal Credit Card Usage Risk

March 25, 2008

One of the things that people struggling to get out of debt and start wealth building have problems with is the use of credit cards. Frequently, credit cards are the reason people start getting into debt problems, and they can certainly exacerbate the situation. You hear the same story over and over, someone will either [...]

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Weekend Roundup-Easter Edition

March 23, 2008

We have a winner in the 1st book giveaway for a copy of “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.  The winner is Sharon B. -You will be receiving an email shortly, to request your mailing address so I can mail you the book. Thanks to all those that participated; I will be giving away more [...]

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Mistakes I Have Made With Money That You Should Avoid

March 21, 2008

Even though I am only 34 years old (I know, that is ancient to some but young to others), I feel like I’ve made more than my share of money “mistakes” over the last 10 to 15 years.  For whatever reason, I have done many of the things that you always read that you should not do. [...]

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Did You Lose the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray War? Best Buy Offering $50 to Previous Purchasers to Ease the Pain

March 20, 2008

 Best Buy announced yesterday that it was offering a $50 Best Buy Gift card of each HD-DVD player, manufactured by Toshiba, which was purchased before February 23, 2008.  Toshiba recently announced they  would no longer produce HD-DVD players, and movie studios will no longer produce movies in the HD-DVD format. Sony’s Blu-ray will now be [...]

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How to Develop a Frugal Mindset

March 19, 2008

We all like to learn new ways to save money, but the truth is that if you develop a frugal mindset, you will find yourself applying frugality in your everyday life and it will become a habit in everything you do. Below are some general principles of frugality that you can apply to many things you [...]

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11 Ways To Market Yourself at Work to Increase Your Salary

March 18, 2008

Whether you realize it or not,  everyday at your job is an opportunity to “market” yourself to your colleagues, superiors, clients and others. Frequently, and I know I do this myself, we can get in a rut working in the same office environment day in and day out, and it is hard to stay or even [...]

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