How to Save Money on Gas- Fact vs. Fiction

September 24, 2008

If you’re new to “Think Your Way To Wealth”, get free updates on debt reduction, saving money, and building wealth by subscribing to the RSS feed or via Email . Thanks for visiting! Even though gas prices have dropped some from their all time high a few months ago, they have not dropped very significantly, [...]

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Money Saving Ideas for Halloween Costumes, Decorations, and Treats

September 23, 2008

Halloween will be here before you know it, and it can’t come soon enough according to my 4 year-old son. My wife planned early this year, and ordered his Halloween costume a couple of weeks ago online. He is really into Star Wars, so he had to have a certain storm trooper costume (actually a [...]

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Weekend Roundup- Keeping Busy Edition

September 22, 2008

If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to subscribe to the Think Your Way To Wealth RSS feed, or via email to get all of the latest posts and updates free. It’s been one of those weeks-or a couple of them in a row actually. Very busy at work, lots of other activities going [...]

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Learning from the Stock Market’s Volatile Performance This Week

September 19, 2008

The headlines at the end of the day Monday read: Wall Street Sees Worst Day in 7 Years That was followed by a 120+ point rise on Tuesday, and then a 400+ point drop on Wednesday. Ouch! Several people in my office were talking about taking all of there money out of stocks in their [...]

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Free Money Saving Tips- 66 Ways to Save Money

September 17, 2008

These days, I’m always on the look out for additional ways to save money. One free online guide I found recently is 66 Ways to Save Money by the Consumer Literacy Consortium, which is a 12-page pdf document containing money saving tips in the following categories: Auto Insurance Banking Telephone Service Mortgages Buying New or [...]

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Teaching Kids the True Value of Money

September 16, 2008

Teaching kids about money involves several aspects. First, kids generally learn about the face value or denomination of money, usually when a parent or relative gives them a few coins, and may explain that a penny is 1 cent, a dime 10 cents, etc., and what each is worth relative to one another. 10 pennies [...]

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Weekend Roundup- Enough With the Storms Already Edition

September 15, 2008

The gulf coast area has been taking a pounding, with Faye dumping rain across Florida a few weeks ago, Gustav hitting south Louisiana, Hannah running up the east coast last weekend, and now Ike hitting the Galveston and Houston area on Friday night. Please keep all those who got flooded or received storm damage in [...]

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