Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy…..

by RC on April 26, 2011

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Money can’t buy happiness, as the saying goes. And as much as we sometimes like to think it can or that it will, it really usually doesn’t. It can probably make you happier sometimes, in the short term, but long term, happiness usually comes from living life the way you want, relationships, and most importantly, from inside of us.

Here are 8 things that money can buy- not physical things, but abstract ones:

1.) It can provide a feeling of security. Money is a big source of worry and stress for many people, often because of a lack of financial security.

2.) It can buy food, shelter, and clothing. The basics.

3.) It can get you (or a friend) out of a jam-especially cash.

4.) It can put a smile on someone else’s face– especially a friend, a child, or someone in need.

5.) It can pay for an education (although the individual must want to learn).

6.) Occasionally, it can buy you time- not more time, usually, but sometimes just enough to get what you need done.

7.) Money can provide you options. When we are strapped for cash, sometimes we can’t make the choices we want. It could be as mundane as having to buy the cheapest item we want instead of the better value, or it could be something much more important or valuable to us.

8.) It can provide freedom-financial freedom. Freedom to walk away from things you don’t want to do, or a job that you can’t stand working at but might be doing so solely because you need the money.

There are other non-physical things that money can buy as well, but it doesn’t mean you have to focus on money or that your well-being needs to be centered on it. But taking care of your finances, saving money, and spending consciously can provide some positive benefits, to be sure.

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Karan Batra April 27, 2011 at 8:06 am

Intresting Article… Till now I had read only about the things money cant buy, but this article focus on things money can buy… kinda motivational…


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