Get Your Info for Free- Don’t Forget About 1-800-GOOG-411

by RC on August 18, 2009

I haven’t called 411 for information in several years from my cell phone, and probably even longer from my home phone. A month or two ago, however, I noticed that a charge for 411 showed up on my cell phone bill. My wife was trying to get a phone number of a local store to see if they had something in stock as she was running errands, and dialed information to get the number.

It certainly wasn’t a big deal, (I think it was only about a $1.50 or so)but it did remind me about Google’s free information service, 1-800-GOOG-411.


1-800-GOOG- 411 works from both cell phones and landlines, so be sure to remember to use it as home as well. Although you may not need it calling from your land line as much if you have a phone book or internet connection. Since I have not joined in the technology bandwagon with an iPhone or  smart phone where I can surf the web on my cell phone, it can still come in handy when I am on the go.

If you are calling from a mobile device, GOOG-411 can even send you a text message with more details and a map. Simply say “Text message” or “Map it.”

To remind yourself to use 1-800 GOOG-411 instead of incurring information related call charges, program it into your cell phone under “INFO”. Then, the next time you need to call information, you have it programmed in and can get your info for free!

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