Weekend Roundup- Dow Up 900 Points Edition

by RC on October 13, 2008

I’m a little late with the weekend roundup this week, had one of those weekends filled with social activities, and did not get the roundup finished yesterday. On a positive note today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose 936 points, or 11% in the biggest one day point gain ever, and the largest percentage gain since 1933, during the depression. WOW! Don’t know if the worst of it is over yet, but it just goes to show you that timing the market doesn’t work. If you had bailed out of the stock market late last week for something safer, you might possibly have missed out. If you were getting 3% in a money market account, it would take you nearly 4 years to get an 11% return!-Now, only 30% more to go!

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I participated in 4 carnivals last week:

Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds (great name, isn’t it!) hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance-173rd edition and included my article “Teaching Kids the True Value of Money”.

Good articles from the COPF:

Why We Should Put Our Hope Back In Capitalism, Not Socialism or Government Intervention- by Curt at Penny Jobs-Very well written article discussing some of the economic issues we are facing.

9 Cheap and Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter at One Caveman’s Financial Journey-Good tips, winter is going to be here soon!

Dollar Frugal hosted the Festival of Frugality-The Benjamin Franklin Edition and included my article “How to Save Money on Gas- Fact vs. Fiction”

Great reads from the FOF:

Garage Sale Tips – A Complete Kit To Save Money at Fire Finance-Good tips on picking things up at a bargain price at garage sales.

The Zen of Giving Your Stuff Away-at Saving Advice-Great story on how hurricane Katrina changed the author’s feelings on her possessions- Living in the New Orleans area myself, even though I did not lose anything, I have similar feelings about my possessions now.

Fix My Personal Finance hosted the Money Hackers Carnival #33-Oktoberfest edition, and included my article “700 Billion Dollar Bailout Vote Fails- Is an Economic Recession or Depression on the Horizon?”

Articles I enjoyed from the MH carnival:

I share my bedroom with a freezer by Donna at MSN Smart Spending-My wife would probably like the noise from the freezer, as she sleeps better with a little background noise- even so, although I am planning on getting a freezer in the near future, I don’t think she will let me keep it in the bedroom!

Battling the Pay Per Pound Buffet Bar at Clever Dude-I never thought about it that way, but here are some good tips on maximizing your take home meals from a buffet!

Living Almost Large hosted the 19th Finance Fiesta-Oktoberfest and included my article “Funny but True-SNL Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”.

Good reads from the fiesta:

15 Free Budgeting Tools at Christian Personal Finance-Great List-you should be able to find one you like here!

Slash Your Water Bill at On a Quest to Be Debt Free-Good tips and ways to save on your water bill and conserve H2O.

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